Due to my busy schedule and all-consuming job search, Hand It! will be on hiatus for an indeterminate period of time.

I am also currently developing the next iteration of this project, which will not live on WordPress and will be centered around user-submissions to get this project closer to becoming a true “Wikipedia for hand gestures.”

In the meantime, feel free to email handitbandit[at]gmail.com with any ideas, submissions, questions or concerns.

Farewell and keep gesturing!



$5 Foot Long

five dollar foot long

Source: Hark.com

Let’s check out Subway’s Hand It-ad with their campaign for the $5 footlong.

This became an insanely popular campaign, because of the catchy jingle and poppy tune. People were able to easily recite the lyrics while using the same hand gestures in the commercial. It was a genius way to have people spread the deal by word-of-mouth (and hand). People could even do it silently by holding up one hand, then mimicking the sandwich measurement with two hands.

Good Hand It work Subway. Now just stop making your sandwiches shorter than promised.

Putting the “V” in Vagina Monologues

vagina monologues

Photo Credit: Andrew Lee

Noticed this Hand It created by my college’s WILL (Women In Learning and Leadership) in the dining hall. Clever use of the “V” sign to represent the letter V. Simple ads like this show how even drawings of our hands can be attention-grabbing. Hands could also be used in a literal manner to grab another person’s attention, but that’s the kind of advertising that winds up in assault charges.


puppy paws

Dogs are great. Hands are great. Therefore, dog hands, or more accurately paws, are great. This is my family’s dog, Kayla, using her paws to go to town on some tennis balls.

Dogs use their paws to travel, roll around objects, hold down bones for gnawing, make very cute paw prints, and as a way to ask for treats.

Sometimes they scratch their noses, which is about adorable enough to knock the darkness out of a demon.


Famous Movie Hands

Famous Movie Hands

Hands don’t just express and communicate, they can also identify. Here’s a collection of some of the most recognizable hands in movie history.

Source: imgur

Leap Motion

We are getting easier ways to interact with computers using hand gestures. Far more intuitive than keyboard and mouse inputs, gesture controls for touch screen devices allow for smooth navigation and a rockin’ Hand It time using a mobile device.

Leap Motion, a device that plugs into your USB port and allows you to control your computer with hand and finger gestures,  is something that will likely skyrocket the progress of gesture-controls. Just plug the controller into a USB port and install some software to transform using a computer into a Hand It-friendly experience. It’s $70 and available for pre-order.

Visit their website to check out this amazing device. The possibilities of real-world applications to any number of fields ranging from medicine to modelling appear to be endless. And ultimately, it’s another step toward a world where our hand gestures will become powerful assets that allow us to achieve great things.

leap motion

Source: Leap Motion

Reflection Hand Sculptures

reflection hand

Saw this on imgur, did a little research, and found out about Jonty Hurwitz, a Hand It-friendly sculptor/engineer. These pieces look like objects plucked straight from a surreal copper factory, but reveal their true form in a cylindrical mirror. Pretty crazy that the reflection is the true image. This is definitely a case of hands messing with our minds.