Importance of Controlling the Index Finger

Submitted By: Celer Tambre

“Today I have for you a piece of video that managed to spark my interest. It’s one of those lowbrow videos on humor sites wherein a black woman maces a white guy at a cash register for being rude. What’s significant about it is that the woman, unaware of what she’s doing, at 0:18 gives the guy the gesture for ‘do you wanna go ahead of me?’ and when he does, a conflict ensues. This illustrates the importance of hand gestures and intercultural communication. That is, speaking the same verbal language does not mean motioning the same body language…It is essentially a cautionary tale for what can happen when a simple gesture goes awry.”


Baby Middle Finger

Submitted By: Walter Harold

“Or otherwise known as the least offensive of the middle fingers.

The story behind the baby middle finger is an epic tale from the 1500’s in Prussia, in which the people led by Peter the Terrible overthrew King Burns the Soft because of 30 years of economic decline and failed military campaigns. Of course Peter the Terrible, as he soon would be known, ended up massacring his people for decades and eventually led to the demise of Prussia. However, the baby middle finger comes into the situation because King Burns the Soft, son of Ezekiel Burns, Brother of Joe, Father of Burns, gave the middle finger to his people one day during a speech. However, the people were not offended but utterly disgusted with how soft and malleable the King was and that they had enough of it. He was soon executed by guillotine.

In the end, if you got anything out of the story just make sure you extend your middle finger if you have to flip someone off because no one wants to see a Baby Middle Finger.”

Usually accompanied by a noise that sounds like nyyeeeuuuhhh