My current project is titled Louder Words and it’s mostly creative writing with a large focus on poetry.

It’s pretty sweet. I also wrote a book called Hool. That’s also pretty sweet.


Louder Words

Looks like Hand It! will remain on hiatus. In the meantime, check out my new blog, Louder Words which is going to be a frequently updated look on life via poems, non-sequiters, short stories, micro fiction, and random musings written by The Bandit himself. If you enjoyed the content on Hand It!, please join me in support of this new project.

Thanks and have a great day.

Barefoot is Best

Is there anything better than being barefoot? The answer is no and I’m not going explain why. If you disagree, I hate you and you should rethink visiting this blog.

Feet are exquisite body parts and when you think about it, the only ones that really matter. Sure, you may sit a lot and drive everywhere, but lemme throw this observation at you: Why are you wearing shoes? Hmmm?!? You wouldn’t have those fancy clogs on your body if it wasn’t for your FEET. Your legs should be so lucky to live with these magical appendages. Also, you need your feet to drive as far as I can recall.

Walking, running, bicycling, kicking, feeling for loose danger on the floor, jumping, reading the temperature from surfaces, clapping, flushing public toilets, and releasing pleasure while being massaged. Is there anything feet can’t do?

Show Us a Hand Gesture!

Know of a hand gesture we haven’t covered? Maybe it’s a local or regional gesture or even something between just you and your friends. There are literally thousands of possible gestures that we can make with our hands, so chances are good that you know of a gesture that nobody else does. At least not yet.

Email with the following:

  • Your Name (could be first, full, nickname, twitter handle, website…however you want to be identified)
  • Photo/image of your hand gesture
  • Hand gesture’s name (could be real or made up)
  • Short description of gesture

We will post submissions on our site based on the info you send us. Show the world what gesture you got and Let’s Hand It.


  • Handit Bandit
  • claw
  • The Bandit Claw
  • I use this gesture while doing a pirate voice. How else will people know that the Bandit’s in the building?

Why Hand It?

Hand It | The Hand Manual

We are a forward-thinking blog showing you gestures today to prepare for tomorrow. We’re on a mission to build the first hand community.

You probably already know the value of some hand gestures. Within the next decade, people will witness our hands interacting with computers, the rest of the world, and each other in amazingly creative and powerful ways.

Hand It lives at the intersection of today and tomorrow, because we are gathering the number one resource for hand gesture discovery today and exposing readers to the technological landscape to prepare you for tomorrow.

Join our community. Let’s Hand It.

Welcome to Hand It

If you’re far away from a friend and don’t want to shout, Hand It.

If you’re in a business meeting or making an important speech, Hand It.

If you’re having dinner with a loved one and your mouth is full, Hand It.  

Hand It is a comprehensive guide of the gestures used in face-to-face, group, and public interactions. This guide will talk about the gesture, highlight how it’s used and the context surrounding the use, feature gestures from across the globe, and then give you tips and challenges to get you to Hand It.

Hopefully, most of these will be signs you learned during childhood. This is going to serve as a much-needed reminder that those things at the end of your arms are more than just cell phone holders. They’re wonderful ways of transferring information, opinions, moods, and feelings. There is research* to show that the bulk of communication comes from nonverbal cues. Hell, you can have a whole face-to-face conversation with someone without using your voice. It’s pretty nifty that we can save a whole lot of breath by doing just a little motioning with our hands and arms.

Join me in my mission to get the world to Hand It.

*citation pending