The Next Iteration

The Bandit’s been in the workshop cutting, sawing, and sanding down a new version of Hand It!. WordPress and Tumblr are cool platforms which have allowed a steady stream of posts to all kinds of readers, but I’m interested in getting a website going that is driven by user-content to truly make this the “Wikipedia of Hand Gestures.”

For those interested, here is a prototype of Hand It’s evolution. It’s currently hosted on my college’s servers, so it may be removed at a later date in order to free up space for new students. The homepage would feature one submitted gesture for a period of 2/3 days before moving to the archives. Submitting will be done by email and checking new content would be as simple as logging into the homepage. All submissions will be considered and curated by your beloved Bandit, in order to keep it as clean and fun as possible.

From a design standpoint, I wanted to highlight the content, so I opted for a minimal aesthetic. was a big inspiration. The world and web are cluttered enough already, checking Hand It! should be as calmingly humorous as a monk tickling your belly.

Any and all feedback is more than appreciated, so please comment, message me, or email with anything you have to say, spit, or yell.