Baseball Gesture Week – Catchers

Baseball is back. America’s pastime is chock-full of hand gestures. Hand It! is celebrating the opening week of the 2013 season by exploring instances of gesture use in this great sport.

Catcher Signals

Pitchers may control the tempo of a baseball game, but the man behind the plate chooses the notes. Catchers are the ones who signal what pitches should be thrown to batters. Catchers employ a few different systems for calling pitches, one of which is the use of their fingers. For example, showing one finger could mean “throw a fastball.”


Two fingers may demand a curveball.


Pitchers can shake their heads to silently say, “no, I don’t want to pitch that.

To which the catchers will reply with another option. This trio is looking for a slider.



(Shaking off too many pitches will make the catcher sad and irritable and ruin any chance the pitcher has of getting protection if an angry batter charges the mound.)


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