Barefoot is Best

Is there anything better than being barefoot? The answer is no and I’m not going explain why. If you disagree, I hate you and you should rethink visiting this blog.

Feet are exquisite body parts and when you think about it, the only ones that really matter. Sure, you may sit a lot and drive everywhere, but lemme throw this observation at you: Why are you wearing shoes? Hmmm?!? You wouldn’t have those fancy clogs on your body if it wasn’t for your FEET. Your legs should be so lucky to live with these magical appendages. Also, you need your feet to drive as far as I can recall.

Walking, running, bicycling, kicking, feeling for loose danger on the floor, jumping, reading the temperature from surfaces, clapping, flushing public toilets, and releasing pleasure while being massaged. Is there anything feet can’t do?