How to Capture the Moment by Sharing Hand Gestures Online

Words can fail us, emoticons can fall short, and reaction gifs may not be enough. Communicating online poses difficulty for those who gesticulate as much as they articulate. So many emotions can be missed. So much humor can be lost. There are many moments that are best captured or expressed by a hand gesture, but how does one share a hand gesture online?

Here are the two best ways you can share the perfect hand gesture for your next online interaction.

1. Use “the web’s first and only hand manual” to find a fitting hand gesture.

Hand It! exists so you can look up and share hand gestures with your friends and family. You can do this in two ways. First, search our collection, click on the title of the post, and copy that URL and paste it into your communication medium of choice. Secondly, you can go through Hand It!, right-click on a picture of a gesture, select “Copy Image URL,” and send that link along to your homies.

2. Let your own hands do the talking.

We all come equipped with the ability to make and share hand gestures. Hopefully, your many social interactions have exposed you to a wealth of different ones. Take a picture of the hand gesture with a webcam or phone, then send that picture. Use Twitter and Instagram on your computer or phone to share the picture. Also, Snapchat’s quick-disappearing act makes it the best medium to share offensive gestures. Video chats on Skype or Facebook give you the freedom to make any hand gesture(s) you want.