The Argument

Submitted By: Celer Tambre

the argument

“It is called The Argument and it originates from Quintilian’s manual for rhetoric, Institutio Oratoria. I have to admit I’ve never seen it performed by anyone, ever… But it does have an intuitive feel to it, as if it was truly made for spouting arguments in front of an audience. It looks awkward when still, but very natural when accompanied by subtle movement and, of course, a logical argument – it is as if the top joint of your finger embodies the argument and you hold it up for everyone to see.

I can imagine why it has gone out of style. One reason could be that our society has lost the art of argumentation. Politicians no more deliver heated sermons for a large and intruding audience but rather speeches for the microphone and camera. The other reason could be that this gesture was overshadowed by its similar-looking cousin, the digitus impudicus, or what we know as the middle finger.
In any case this could be a neat addition to Hand It.”

Definitely a very neat addition. Many thanks to Celer for this gesture and information! Maybe we can get some savvy public speakers to bring this gesture back in style…