Show Us a Hand Gesture!

Know of a hand gesture we haven’t covered? Maybe it’s a local or regional gesture or even something between just you and your friends. There are literally thousands of possible gestures that we can make with our hands, so chances are good that you know of a gesture that nobody else does. At least not yet.

Email with the following:

  • Your Name (could be first, full, nickname, twitter handle, website…however you want to be identified)
  • Photo/image of your hand gesture
  • Hand gesture’s name (could be real or made up)
  • Short description of gesture

We will post submissions on our site based on the info you send us. Show the world what gesture you got and Let’s Hand It.


  • Handit Bandit
  • claw
  • The Bandit Claw
  • I use this gesture while doing a pirate voice. How else will people know that the Bandit’s in the building?