Hand Grabbers


Picked up one of these bad boys at a flea market. Never expected to use it for anything outside of annoying and creeping out my friends, but it’s proven to be a great asset to my work desk.


Sometimes we need to extend our reach. Say you’re in the middle of working and you need something that’s a little too far away. It’s a hassle to break your flow to get up and walk a few feet to get something that you could easily grab with one of these hand grabbers. Yes, it’s enabling laziness to the nth degree, which is not good, but it’s a handy (hardy har) tool to have near one’s desk.

If you’re interested in extending your reach to save time, energy, or because you need to conquer those hard-to-reach places, I suggest picking one of these up. Amazon’s “#1 best-seller” for a reaching aid is the Nifty Nabber Pick-Up Tool. Just make sure to keep it nearby. It’s a very first world problem to have to get up to get your grabber to grab things.