Source: Chrome Web Store

Self-described on the Chrome Web Store as “Kinect for your computer,” Flutter’s comic book aesthetic is a fitting one considering comic books represent action through still images, while the application itself lets you use still gestures to perform actions on your computer.

What it Is:

The program uses your webcam to give you the ability to control various music and movie applications (iTunes, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Spotify and even PowerPoint) by simply gesturing your hand.


After a brief, yet initially confusing installation period, and the swift paranoia that it was an elaborate hoax by the developers to control my webcam and spy on my shenanigans, I calibrated the program by using my held out palm (or Stop sign) for pause/play, a right-pointed thumb for next, and a left-pointed thumb for previous.  It was pretty sweet to change my songs on iTunes, but I didn’t have it installed nearly long enough to reap the full benefits.

Final Thoughts:

Unfortunately, my computer has been experiencing some problems lately, so I uninstalled out of some weird “app installation remorse” and an attempt to lighten the number of programs I have installed. The gestures weren’t as responsive as I’d hoped, but when it worked it was pretty magical. Try it out for yourself if you’re curious. It’s free and you get to turn the program off if you don’t want your webcam to be consistently on.


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