Our Natural Measuring Device


My suite-mate, Andrew, uses his hand to measure the water level needed for our rice cooker. Instead of visually guesstimating or busting out a ruler, he flattens his hand over the rice to get an accurate and consistent measurement. He measured water depth with his hand, but we can use them to get a variety of different measurements:

Become a Ruler

You can “calibrate” your body to become a ruler by measuring and recording the lengths and widths of your fingers, palm, wrist, hand, arms, legs, and feet. This would be incredibly useful for people such as cooks, designers, painters, tailors, and anyone else who need to make frequent measurements and don’t want to rely on a ruler.

For Cooking

Jessie Price, Deputy Food Editor for EatingWell Magazine, covered more hand measurements in a Yahoo! article, “Use your hands. If you’re not near a measuring cup, scale or spoons, use your hands to estimate portions: 1 teaspoon equals the tip of your thumb, 1 tablespoon equals your whole thumb, 1 cup equals your fist and 3 ounces of meat (which is an appropriate serving size) is the size of the palm of your hand.”

Gauge Daylight

You can estimate sunset time with your fingers.


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