AmbiHandy: Unlocking the Other Side


I’m going to become ambidextrous by using my left hand in my daily life. I will document and share this experience on Hand It, as well as my thoughts, feelings, and any insights I will gain.

Today, like most people in the world, my body is pretty lopsided. I rely on my dominant hand, while its opposite exists as little more than shadowed sidekick. With practice and patience, I will learn to be more skillful with my left hand. This is going to be an ongoing experiment, so follow along on here and @letsHandit for updates about my progress.

Day 1 – Morning

I ate my first meal of the day guiding with my left hand. It was awkward, but not as difficult as I imagined. The most interesting part was having to reorient my plate to accommodate my hand. The most difficult part was getting a cherry tomato on my fork.

Simple task to start. One nice benefit I noticed was that I was more mindful during the meal and ate much slower than I usually do. Without my right hand on autopilot, I needed to take my time and eat more deliberately.


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