Leap Motion

We are getting easier ways to interact with computers using hand gestures. Far more intuitive than keyboard and mouse inputs, gesture controls for touch screen devices allow for smooth navigation and a rockin’ Hand It time using a mobile device.

Leap Motion, a device that plugs into your USB port and allows you to control your computer with hand and finger gestures,  is something that will likely skyrocket the progress of gesture-controls. Just plug the controller into a USB port and install some software to transform using a computer into a Hand It-friendly experience. It’s $70 and available for pre-order.

Visit their website to check out this amazing device. The possibilities of real-world applications to any number of fields ranging from medicine to modelling appear to be endless. And ultimately, it’s another step toward a world where our hand gestures will become powerful assets that allow us to achieve great things.

leap motion

Source: Leap Motion


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