Rock, Paper, Scissors

Who’s going to take out the trash? Rock

Who’s going to clean up the dishes? Paper

Who gets to sleep on the beds in the hotel? Scissors


rock paper scissors

How to play and why

Make a fist and you have rock. Stick your hand out flat for paper. Hold your index and middle fingers out in a v shape for scissors. Rock breaks scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper cover rocks. No one move is better than the other making this a truly egalitarian game.

When you need to make a fair decision quickly, Rock Paper Scissors, also known as roshambo, is the best way to do it.

It’s a hell of a lot better than wasting time fighting, yelling, and attacking your friends with f-bombs. It’s an impartial judge that everybody listens to. Who ever argues about the results? Nobody does, because it’s impossible to question the results of Rock Paper Scissors. Play a best two out of three, or three out of five game if you want airtight results for making a decision.

Not your average game

Think you’re above using a “simple” hand game? Well, it was used in a legal context when a federal judge ordered opposing attorneys to use the game to settle a dispute. Rock Paper Scissors is greater than any argument a lawyer can muster, so you ca

Rock paper scissors competitions take place worldwide. Seriously, look some up. Cash prizes can get up to $50,000; that’s a serious amount of coin for a game we all learn in childhood.

Mix it up

Add dynamite to play as a trump card. I’ve heard fire can be used only once in your life for a quick win and water can be used as a way to defeat fire. There’s a version of the game that includes “lizard” and “Spock.” With a little bit of creativity, this game can be expanded upon and brought into tons of fun directions. Just make sure your opponents are aware of these new rules beforehand, otherwise they will use their perfectly positioned Paper-hand to slap the shit outta you.

Robotic RPS master


Do you use strategy when playing rock paper scissors, or are you a random thrower?


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