Famous Movie Hands

Famous Movie Hands

Hands don’t just express and communicate, they can also identify. Here’s a collection of some of the most recognizable hands in movie history.

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Leap Motion

We are getting easier ways to interact with computers using hand gestures. Far more intuitive than keyboard and mouse inputs, gesture controls for touch screen devices allow for smooth navigation and a rockin’ Hand It time using a mobile device.

Leap Motion, a device that plugs into your USB port and allows you to control your computer with hand and finger gestures,  is something that will likely skyrocket the progress of gesture-controls. Just plug the controller into a USB port and install some software to transform using a computer into a Hand It-friendly experience. It’s $70 and available for pre-order.

Visit their website to check out this amazing device. The possibilities of real-world applications to any number of fields ranging from medicine to modelling appear to be endless. And ultimately, it’s another step toward a world where our hand gestures will become powerful assets that allow us to achieve great things.

leap motion

Source: Leap Motion

Reflection Hand Sculptures

reflection hand

Saw this on imgur, did a little research, and found out about Jonty Hurwitz, a Hand It-friendly sculptor/engineer. These pieces look like objects plucked straight from a surreal copper factory, but reveal their true form in a cylindrical mirror. Pretty crazy that the reflection is the true image. This is definitely a case of hands messing with our minds.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Who’s going to take out the trash? Rock

Who’s going to clean up the dishes? Paper

Who gets to sleep on the beds in the hotel? Scissors


rock paper scissors

How to play and why

Make a fist and you have rock. Stick your hand out flat for paper. Hold your index and middle fingers out in a v shape for scissors. Rock breaks scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper cover rocks. No one move is better than the other making this a truly egalitarian game.

When you need to make a fair decision quickly, Rock Paper Scissors, also known as roshambo, is the best way to do it.

It’s a hell of a lot better than wasting time fighting, yelling, and attacking your friends with f-bombs. It’s an impartial judge that everybody listens to. Who ever argues about the results? Nobody does, because it’s impossible to question the results of Rock Paper Scissors. Play a best two out of three, or three out of five game if you want airtight results for making a decision.

Not your average game

Think you’re above using a “simple” hand game? Well, it was used in a legal context when a federal judge ordered opposing attorneys to use the game to settle a dispute. Rock Paper Scissors is greater than any argument a lawyer can muster, so you ca

Rock paper scissors competitions take place worldwide. Seriously, look some up. Cash prizes can get up to $50,000; that’s a serious amount of coin for a game we all learn in childhood.

Mix it up

Add dynamite to play as a trump card. I’ve heard fire can be used only once in your life for a quick win and water can be used as a way to defeat fire. There’s a version of the game that includes “lizard” and “Spock.” With a little bit of creativity, this game can be expanded upon and brought into tons of fun directions. Just make sure your opponents are aware of these new rules beforehand, otherwise they will use their perfectly positioned Paper-hand to slap the shit outta you.

Robotic RPS master


Do you use strategy when playing rock paper scissors, or are you a random thrower?

Daft Hands

Technically, writing words on your hands is somewhat of a Hand It “cop-out.” It’s akin to playing Amazing Grace during a montage of puppies being reunited with their owners- the functional/emotional effect of one should be able to exist independently from the other.

But I love Daft Punk, this is a very creative (and largely watched) series of choreographed gestures to the aforementioned Daft Punks, and the name of this website would fit snugly in another one of their songs:

“Buy it, use it, break it, fix it,
Trash it, change it, mail – upgrade it,
Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it,
Snap it, work it, quick – erase it…”

Hand it, Hand it, Hand it, Hand it.


Use the Daft Punk “pyramid” hand gesture to start a conversation with a stranger.

daft punk



Stick your left hand out with the palm exposed. Do the same with your right hand, making sure both hands are the same distance away from your body. Slowly walk your hands up in a step motion like you’re giving high fives to progressively taller people. Now walk your hands down by high fiving shorter and shorter people.

“Feel” that invisible barrier? Of course you do, because you’re a mime. Like every mime, you’re a Hand It wizard, but you’re always getting trapped in unwizardly glass boxes. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find a door or escape window somewhere.

Mimes really are Hand It wizards. They express a vast range of emotions and situations using body language. Mimes can be depicted as gimmicky, cheap entertainment, but mime performance is a rich and storied art form that stretches all the way back to Ancient Greece  and currently thrives around the globe.

Mimes are walking, talking proof of Hand It gesture effectiveness. Whether on the street or on a stage, mimes make people laugh, cry, sneer, think, or scoff from nothing more than their movements and gestures. They communicate situations and feelings without writers, sometimes with the help of music, and always with the aid of Hand It maneuvers. To be a mime, one must become fluent in hand gestures.

Traffic Mimes

Credit: Harvard Gazette

When Antanas Mockus served as mayor of Bogotá (Colombia’s capital and largest city), he employed a Hand It-style solution to improve the behavior of drivers and pedestrians. He hired 20 professional mimes to use their gestures to mock rule-breaking pedestrians and ridicule reckless drivers. This program grew to ~400 mimes and successfully combined social pressure with Hand It gestures to improve traffic safety. The Harvard Gazette discussed this story among other innovative tactics used by Mockus during his tenure as mayor.

In 2011, Venezuela modeled a program based on the Bogotá experiment by having mimes serve as traffic cops. Hand It gestures such as “wagging the finger” were employed to give instant feedback to drivers and pedestrians.

Mime in Action

Spanish Mime Carlos Martinez

People laughing without hearing a single word. Clear situations without a language barrier getting in the way. Mimes embody the universality of silent art through motion and gesture, thus exemplifying what the Hand It movement is all about.

HAND IT CHALLENGE: Get in a mime battle like the one from EuroTrip. Just remember to mime a fight, not fight a mime.  

Pickle Flick

Pickle Flick 1

I may be late to the ballgame, but Hannibal Buress is a resourceful person who doesn’t like to waste a thing. (Around 1:25) Watch him perform the “Pickle Flick,” an innovative gesture with a tasteful purpose.

This man has one of the funniest deliveries and material I’ve seen in quite a while. I don’t stay up-to-the-minute on comedians anymore, but I give many thanks to my friend from home for introducing me.

Here’s more.

And some more more.

Hope you enjoyed these videos and the witty stylings of a modern day Hand It pioneer.