Welcome to Hand It

If you’re far away from a friend and don’t want to shout, Hand It.

If you’re in a business meeting or making an important speech, Hand It.

If you’re having dinner with a loved one and your mouth is full, Hand It.  

Hand It is a comprehensive guide of the gestures used in face-to-face, group, and public interactions. This guide will talk about the gesture, highlight how it’s used and the context surrounding the use, feature gestures from across the globe, and then give you tips and challenges to get you to Hand It.

Hopefully, most of these will be signs you learned during childhood. This is going to serve as a much-needed reminder that those things at the end of your arms are more than just cell phone holders. They’re wonderful ways of transferring information, opinions, moods, and feelings. There is research* to show that the bulk of communication comes from nonverbal cues. Hell, you can have a whole face-to-face conversation with someone without using your voice. It’s pretty nifty that we can save a whole lot of breath by doing just a little motioning with our hands and arms.

Join me in my mission to get the world to Hand It.

*citation pending


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